November has been recognized worldwide as a month of solidarity with men facing prostate cancer and testicular cancer. It is not without reason that it is this month that the Movember campaign falls on. The social action was launched in 1999 in Australia and has spread almost all over the world.

During November, there is a lot of talk about cancer prevention, potential symptoms associated with the development of “male” cancers, as well as diagnosis and genetic testing for increased predisposition to testicular cancer or prostate cancer.

It is estimated that one in three men between the ages of 50 and 80 and 80% of men over 80 will develop prostate cancer. The risk of developing the disease increases with age and affects men over 45. The cancer consistently ranks 4th in terms of mortality worldwide. We know more and more about the factors that can affect the development of cancer, as well as all new clinical trails in this field.

Clinmark team proudly joins this action and we are extremely happy that our company works on projects and clinical trails in oncology.