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Clinmark’s experienced, highly committed team implementing quality standards to meet the requirements of health authorities has been providing high-quality clinical research services for almost two decades. Clinmark’s business model focused on conducting full profile, international projects more effectively than global CRO by optimal selection of countries and validated Partners from our Network of local CROs. Strategic planning, exact schedule and identification of relevant countries, sites and investigators play a major role in defining success of the trial execution. We perform initial assessment of optimal country and site selection based on epidemiological data, protocol feasibility, regulatory requirements, define patient recruitment and retention strategies and identify risk factors. We guarantee excellent and quick subject enrollment with optimal budget.

Since its inception in 2001, Clinmark has gained considerable acclaim for ensuring flexibility, commitment, and high-quality standards in project execution. It offers high-end services in compliance with European Medicines Agency (EMA) and FDA guidelines, ISO Standards, Good Clinical Practices, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

The company follows preventive practices such as conducting audits or assessments in the early stage of a project to mitigate risks. By implementing corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) at every step, which acts as an insurance policy for Sponsors, Clinmark provides cost-effective and customized solutions to various, therapeutic research studies. Clinmark’s assistance encourages companies to expand into unknown regions or sites. The company helps clients make informed decisions around strategizing and implementing expansion plans, minimizing risk.

From protocol writing through data monitoring, medical monitoring, project management, and final report preparation, Clinmark provides customers with a complete medical products and medical device trial package. It offers a full range of pre-clinical services covering pharmacological, toxicological, and other tests, according to the type of product and client requirements as well. After collating study data, Clinmark’s team of biostatisticians, data managers, medical experts, and medical writers analyze the data and process the study results. It also develops a Clinical Study Report describing the protocol execution and the conclusions of the product development process.

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