Our services and expertise support also the development of new products in the cosmetics industry. Using our extensive range of efficacy models, we can test the effectiveness of new cosmetics for various properties and develop safety programs.

In today’s highly competitive skincare and anti-aging market, clinical evidence that your product is safe and effective can mean the difference between getting noticed and getting lost in the shuffle. The pathway from initial concept to health claim development and product commercialization is a multi-step process involving product analysis and testing, the investigation of product claim potential. We will work with you to ensure product compliance with applicable regulations. Our start-to-finish approach addresses all aspects of the clinical process including clinical trials, product analytics.

Our clinical trials team conducts clinical studies from complex double-blind, placebo-controlled trials to straight forward bioavailability studies for cosmetic, cosmeceutical and personal care products. We work with clients to provide full solutions from base concept to publication and claim development. We can also assist with components of a trial such as subject recruitment, protocol development, diagnostic testing and manuscript writing.

Cosmetics products to enter the market are improved or completely new. Consumer safety and satisfaction are the key elements in bringing new products to market.

We provide testing for the personal care, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, our study types include:

  •  Dermatological Efficacy Testing
  •  Claim Substantiation
  •  Pharmaceutical Consumer Trials
  •  Eye Irritancy Testing
  •  Glycaemic Index Testing
  •  Safety & Efficacy of Cosmetic

We have access to a wide range of clinical tests to determine the safety and effectiveness of any cosmetic or cosmeceutical on:

  •  Aging
  •  Deep Wrinkles
  •  Skin Firmness
  •  Skin Elasticity
  •  Skin Roughness
  •  Skin Brightness & Radiance
  •  Skin Tone & Hyperpigmentation
  •  Sun Damage & Photoaging
  •  Sun Protection & Photoprotection
  •  Skin Repair
  •  Dermal Tolerance & Safety
  •  Ocular Tolerance & Safety
  •  Skin Irritation
  •  Allergenicity

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