As a medium-sized company with a simple structure, we provide flexibility, immediate decision-making and adjustment to client’s needs while maintaining price competitiveness. Our contacts with the clients are based on a partnership approach and give us a great deal of flexibility in our operations. We make every effort so that the Sponsor’s priorities are similar to our own. We continuously focus on how our business partners and their patients can benefit from our day-to-day practice. We apply individual approach to supporting our partners in their development, bringing out the full potential of people and their performance. Ensuring satisfactory quality of data is in turn a guarantee of a successful drug registration for the Sponsor.

Owing to many years of clinical operation activities in the Polish market and in the EU region, we have very good knowledge of the business, its conditions, dynamics, trends and cultural specificities. This allows us to maintain control over key aspects enabling optimal planning, organization and conduct of a clinical trial. We have a large base of potential research centers in most therapeutic areas, and our solid relations allow us to reach key opinion leaders. In countries lacking experience in this area, we apply additional supervision and implement appropriate corrective plans to maintain high quality of research.

Local and global experience from several years of our activity has led us to numerous observations. We have learnt which ideas and solutions from other markets are worth introducing in our activity and what mistakes should be avoided. Having this perspective, we can predict various types of risks already at the early stage of research and successfully eliminate them. We can realistically assess chances and risks for every research project. We also have the possibility to implement CAPA (corrective and preventive actions) at every stage, which act as an insurance policy for the Sponsor.

Comparator Sourcing

Clinmark has the ability to source practically everything you need for your clinical trial.
• Comparator drugs
• Rescue medication
• Ancilliary
• Medical material
• Kit material

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