CLINMARK celebrates International Clinical Trials Day

May 20, 2022
CLINMARK celebrates International Clinical Trials Day

20th of May is celebrated as International Clinical Trials Day. The date of May 20 was chosen to commemorate the day James Lind began his study to determine the causes of scurvy – a study considered the first randomized clinical trial.


It all began in May 1747, when British officer and surgeon James Lind began a study to determine the causes of scurvy, which at the time was killing more British sailors than the French and Spanish armies.
Lind divided 12 sailors into six groups, providing them with different types of supplementation. Through this test, he was able to prove a link between fruit consumption and scurvy prevention. This study which is the foundation of modern clinical research was a registered and controlled trial. Since 2005, on the initiative of European clinical research centers (ECRIN), the International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated on May 20. The celebration of clinical trials day aims to raise awareness of their importance for healthcare.


Before a new substance can get into the hands of doctors and be widely used as a drug, it must undergo comprehensive laboratory testing, experimental animal trials and three phases of human research, or clinical trials. It usually takes several years between promising syntheses and the appearance of a therapeutic on the market.


Each drug has to go a long way before it reaches patients. Clinical trials of drugs are conducted in four phases. Each of them must be successfully completed in order to start the next stage. This is what CLINMARK does on a daily basis. Our team of experts organizes, supports and takes care of the entire clinical trial process from the submission of documentation to the relevant regulatory authorities to the last visit of the last patient in the trial. We are proud that as a company we have the opportunity to contribute to improving the quality of life and health of our society.

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