CLINMARK – TOP 10 Medical Device CRO in Europe 2022

October 11, 2022
CLINMARK – TOP 10 Medical Device CRO in Europe 2022

We are very happy and proud to be recognized as TOP 10 MEDICAL DEVICE CRO in Europe 2022.


Successful clinical trial execution is built on the pillars of strategic planning, precise scheduling, and informed identification of countries and sites for trials. To meet these conditions, companies conducting clinical research rely on CROs with expertise in a given study’s phases. Flourishing in this competitive arena, Clinmark has curated its role as an experienced CRO by combining professional consulting, execution and education in clinical research. The company offers full-scale global clinical trial services to pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. While adopting a close partnership model, Clinmark takes the initiative in clinical consulting and leads in the planning, organizing, and managing of clinical trial studies from phases I – IV.


“Our effective methodology of setting up clinical trial projects globally enables us to accomplish any form of a project within a very short time,” says Marek Wasiluk, CEO of Clinmark.


From protocol writing through data monitoring, medical monitoring, project management, and final report preparation, Clinmark provides customers with a complete medical products and medical device trial package. It offers a full range of pre-clinical services covering pharmacological, toxicological, and other tests, according to the type of product and client requirements as well. After collating study data, Clinmark’s team of biostatisticians, data managers, medical experts, and medical writers analyze the data and process the study results. It also develops a Clinical Study Report describing the protocol execution and the conclusions of the product development process.


Clinmark’s consulting department supports clients in the early stages of product development by providing an optimal regulatory path and creating product development plans for drugs and medical devices. Clinmark’s team has broad experience in preparing and planning every CE Marking Regulatory Process stage to MDR and FDA requirements. The company’s experts assist the customers in the conformity assessment of a medical device in cooperation with authoritative bodies. Before business mergers or acquisitions, Clinmark thoroughly assesses the client company. A thorough evaluation and analysis of the company’s research pipeline, know-how, and operational performance are essential to the due diligence audit which Clinmark is recognized from.


Over the years, Clinmark has helped many clients with personalized solutions for clinical development. For instance, it assisted one of its clients with a study on orphan diseases, where the client was having difficulty in finding a suitable site and recruiting subjects for years. Clinmark stepped in and found few sites, acquired regulatory approvals, and recruited subjects within three months. This allowed the client to accelerate their study and create cost-effective solutions.


With unique consulting skills developed and practiced for several years in more than 400 consulting and audit projects in nearly 75 countries, Clinmark is an expert in optimizing clinical research. The company combines operational activity in clinical research, professional consulting, and education, creating a synergy that provides quantifiable advantages to the client in their clinical research processes.

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